Wednesday, December 21, 2011

SWTOR initial impressions

Pre-order?  Nah, I have games to play already.  If I don't get the game on launch day I'm still set for a while.

The closer to launch we get the more good I hear about sw:tor.  The more my curiosity mounts. 

Launch day.  Excited.  Very curious.  To Best Buy!

Wow, lots of copies still on the shelf.  Grabbed.  To home!

Installing disc 1.  So far so good.  Game is 20+GB.  Take doggie for walk during installation.

Back home.  "Installation Failed."  Another try.  Failed.  To the support forums!

Scanning forums.  Look crappy.  Layout jumbled, no search function. 

Create account.  New thread.

"You do not have permission..."  Wtf?

To the interwebz! 

Uninstall C++.  Scan HDD for errors.  Retry installation.  Failed.

Resort to download.  Erg, 20+GB, 700kB/s.  Could have saved trip to best buy.

Suppose I will be able to play tomorrow...maybe.

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